What recent readers had to say about the 120VC Project Management Guidebook...

"The 120VC Guidebook is one of the most useful books on Project Management that I've ever read. It really solidifies the 'theoretical' Project Management taught by PMI with the many different company-specific methodologies and gives you a great process to start at a new company and 'hit the ground running." – Jane T.

"The Guidebook is irreverent. The content is brilliant. 120VC provides all the tools you need to get the job done consistently and without having to recreate the wheel on every project. The standard covers every base and leaves you the time and mental capacity to deal with your project’s content, rather than battles, backtracking, and irrelevant minutiae. Hats off to 120VC for developing such a detailed, effective, spot-on guide for real-world project managers." – Kim Haase

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