The Transformational Leadership Program (TLP) Scholarship application process

Now more than ever, teams need confident, irreverent LEADERS who challenge the status quo, who guide their teams to navigate the murky waters of digital and cultural transformations, and especially leaders who understand and embrace the opportunities to learn and grow alongside the next generation of transformational leaders who get sh*t done.

The Process...


1. Completely fill out the application form to the right.

2. Select the city you will be participating in the TLP Scholarship Program.

3. In addition to your resume, please upload a letter of Interest. Use the letter of interest to make your case for a scholarship in our Transformational Leadership Program. To do that you have to know a lot about 120VC, our culture and the TLP. Tell us why you want to participate and what value you feel you can bring to the other students in the program.

4. Upload a list of no less than 3 reference that you have worked directly for in the past. We will need their full name, LinkedIn address, email and telephone numbers. Please note, uploading the list of references automatically gives us permission to check them.

5. Click "Submit" and pat yourself on the back for having the courage to apply. Courage is a #GSD quality, so regardless of our decision, you are definitely in the #GSD camp!

***Please note: We can't select everyone, and we don't believe in giving trophy's just for showing up. So, due to the sheer volume of applicants and because rejection letters suck, we do not send them. If you don't hear back from someone within 30 days we have decided not to pursue your application. That doesn't mean you should give up. Get some more #GSD experience, take some #GSD courses, and #NeverGiveUp!

Complete the form and we will be in touch!

“I have used 120VC at 2 different PMO's and what really sets them apart is the framework and support their PM's receive from 120VC during their engagement. While they will utilize whichever methodology you use in house, you are also getting the value of 120VC's infrastructure and deep expertise built into a contracted Project Manager. They go above and beyond to insure success on even the most challenging projects.”


Holy Dudley - Head of PMO at Cydcor

“I highly recommend 120VC. They are a firm with a strong methodology, a proven track record of success at Trader Joe’s Company, and a group with the requisite know-how and emotional intelligence to deliver mission critical projects..”


Ron Glickman - Chief Information Officer at Trader Joe's Company Company